Robles Wood &

African Trade

ORG026       $15

Carved Sono Wood & Hilltribe Silver

ORG023       $16

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Your RVJ will come with an appropriate length of waxed cotton cord with which to hang them from.  You may also order antiqued silver chain w/a small clasp to add a more "refined" look to your RVJ for only $2 more.

I will have Sterling Silver & Silver Plated Ball Chain necklaces available in the very near future.

Old Palmwood &

Thai Kyhmer Silver

ORG021      $20

Old Palmwood, Olive wood & Silver

ORG022       $15

Natural Twig, Carnelian  & Hilltribe Silver  

ORG019       $15

Golden Horn &

Greek Ceramic

ORG017     $14

Tagua Nut, Robles

& Hilltribe Silver

ORG029       $15

Salwag & Buri Nut 

ORG014      $14

Natural Twig &

Greek Olive Wood

ORG030        $15

Twig, Olive wood & Hilltribe Silver

ORG025       $15

Olive Wood &

Hilltribe Silver

ORG012       $14

Tiger Ebony Wood & Hilltribe Silver  

ORG020      $14

Seed, Bayong Wood &

Sterling Silver

ORG011     $14


Batik Bone, Batikan seed  & Hilltribe Silver

ORG018      $20

Old Palmwood

& Sterling Charm 

ORG028      $15

Tiger Ebony Wood &

Hilltribe Silver

ORG027       $15

Twig, Olive Wood &

Hilltribe Silver

ORG016     $15

Natural Twig &

Olive Wood

ORG031      $15

Robles Wood, Clay & Sterling Silver

ORG013       $14

Old Palmwood & Hilltribe Silver

ORG024      $15

Rear View Jewelry ©

"accessorize your rear-view mirror, or yourself"

Robles Wood & Hilltribe Silver

ORG015      $14